Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To vote you must first do the registration through the form at the following link
With your account, you can only vote once a month, at the end of the month the votes are reset and you can vote again.
If you just want to simply vote for your favorite virtual Airline register a normal account at this link
If you want to register a virtual Airline and then use same account to vote register at this link
In the event that your virtual airline arrives first place in a month you will earn 1 of the 5 points needed to get a bonus.
The bonus may be requested after having reached the 5 total bonus points by accessing the “my va” section (only for virtual airline accounts).
For all other questions please contact us Here.

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VA CEO interview
Airline Read
Makai Air
Air Switzerland
Universal Air Alliance
Roraima Airlines
Northern Virtual
Millennium Aviation Company

Ready for a Premium Account?
-Five Screenshots on your profile.
-A Youtube video on your profile.
-Add your Virtual Airline Twitter feed.
-The Premium Spotlight with your banner.
-Several extra VA information options.
-Track how many people viewed your profile.
-Post all your news or article on our facebook and twitter page to increase the visibility.
-Twitter box on your public profile.

3 months: 8€
1 months: 4€
1 Year: 28€
6 months: 15€

Most Commented VA's
Airline Comment
Universal Air Alliance (FLY UAA) 5
Worldwide Virtual 3
WeGo Airways 3
Channel Express Virtual 3
Patriot Virtual Airways 2

572 Registered Virtual Airlines
914Registered users
154Votes this month
168Votes last month
1Votes today

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